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Comfort. Together.

An experience designed to promote feelings of togetherness, coziness and well-being, for those who seek comfort during the cold winter months.

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Category: iOS Application       Duration: 4 weeks       Tools: Figma

During the winter months people tend to stay cooped up in their homes; interaction with others being at a minimum. They do not necessarily have the energy or motivation to go out in the cold, but want to spend time with their friends and family, especially at this time. 

Kozi is a blanket with an interactive game element, designed to promote feelings of togetherness, coziness and well-being, for those who seek comfort during the cold winter months.

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Watch this video to see how the app works:



phase 1


phase 2

To start with I wanted to get a good understanding of how people are affected by winters. To do this I conducted interviews with college students and spoke to professionals at the Rhode Island School of Designs 'Counselling and Psychological Services' centre.  

I decided to unpack the true meaning of mindfulness and in the process I discovered that a form of mindfulness was engaging in the 5 senses: touch, smell, sound,  taste, sight. 

From my research I noticed that people felt particularly isolated throughout the winter, I identified three words which we based our brainstorming sessions off of. Comfort, togetherness and mindfulness. 

For this phase I decided to go old school by picking up a pen an paper, and working through a series of 30 minute brainstorming sessions. I felt that this method would force my creative juices to flow and allow me to jump around easily between ideas.

By the end of the brainstorming sessions we came up with the idea of an interactive blanket linked to an app, that would somehow allow users to engage in the 5 senses.


phase 3

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Designing involved coming up with the design for the game, and then ultimately translating this into an app, as well as deciding on the dimensions & lighting for the blanket.

We decided to give users 2 options for the type of game offered, based on their mood. 'Relaxed', which would tailor the game to to be more conversational, and 'active' which would require a little more energy.

App design:

To start with we came up with a brief outline of the flow for the app. From onboarding the users, to setting up the players, to picking a mood and finally playing the game.

We then created wireframes to better understand the flow of the screens.

Next we came up with a simple style guide to base our designs off of, where a separate color would correspond with one of the 5 senses.

Style Guide

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